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In 1985 a group of eminent scientists came to UC Santa Cruz to discuss a vision that would become the Human Genome Project.

Unlocking the world's genomic data to accelerate medical and scientific breakthroughs.

Lecture given at the University of California, Santa Cruz on March 7, 1974

Speakers, Page Smith, Charles Page, Paul Lee, Mary Holmes, Chancellor Dean McHenry and students

Speakers include Page Smith, Mike Rotkin and other faculty and student speakers. Recorded at the Quarry on May 6, 1970.

Danny Scheie, Michael Warren, and Rabbi Litvak: features each panelist speaking, and then a Q&A. The remaining audio on the fourth file is from a 1993 public lecture.

From the Sentinel: George Hitchcock stars as Shakespearean favorite Sir John Falstaff, who vainly pursues two spirited matrons, played by Kate Rickman and Wendy Bowers.
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