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On my way to work. Although I fully support the action of standing up to be heard when you do not agree with something, I find it a bit ridiculous to walk down the middle of the street blocking traffic. Just my opinion. I'm sure this will be…
On election night, University of California, Santa Cruz students protested the victory of Donald Trump. The protest began at the Quarry Plaza, and made it's way over to Rachel Carson college, where it ended.

Here is a compilation of footage…
The late Alan Chadwick, actor, master gardener, and inventor of the "Biodynamic French Intensive Method" spent 50 years in the garden -- digging, planting and watching.

Chadwick's method of gardening in raised beds produces an amazing amount of food…

Inventory note: "Open house at Computer Engineering Center: A: 15-23, Kevin Karplus with student; 30-36, Jane Wilhelms; B: ?"

Inventory note: "Student housing, exteriors"

Inventory note: "Student housing, exteriors"

Inventory note: "Portraits: Shakespeare Santa Cruz staff: Audrey Stanley, Brian Payne, Marcus Cato, Michael Edwards, Norvid Roos, Elaine Roos, C: Karen Sinsheimer, Marcia Taylor"

Inventory note: "Poster, TV publicity of dancers"

Photographs taken for Cowell College "Markings" yearbook, 1969.
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