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"2001: A Work Odyssey." Women at Work UCSC Staff Women Retreat. 2001.
A ship of Fools Flyer, Soledad Brothers. 1970.
"After the Hill, What?" wood block print poster. Early 1970s
"An Evening with Tandy Beal" Poster.
"Being Gay is Swell," Handmade Poster. 1972
"Boycott Lettuce" strike support flyer. date unknown
"Bridging Borders--Crossing Countries: U.S.-Mexico Relations after NAFTA," Conference. November 3-5, 1995. Chicano/Latino Research Center. Event Program

This is a pamphlet for a project at the North Coast 2000 Conference in Eureka, CA that Raymond Dasmann attended.
Condos or Meadows? Flyer 1990

fiji report.jpg
This is a page of notes Dasmann took while attending the Second South Pacific Conference on National Parks and Reserves in 1979
When Upton Sinclair, famous author and lifetime Socialist, won the Democratic primary for governor of California in 1934 in a landslide--leading the greatest mass movement in the state's history--all hell broke loose there and across the country. To…
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