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Andrew Orlans, em 1984, ano em que estudou língua italiana na Universidade para Estrangeiros de Perúgia, concluiu a Licenciatura cum laude em Literatura Latina e Inglesa, no Cowell College da Universidade da Califórnia, cujos slogans são: Fiat…

7.1 Cowell College Portrait FINAL 13 x 19.jpg
Cowell College, Special Collection and Archives, University Library, UCSC

6.6 Cowell-Stevenson Aerial.jpg
Aerial view of Cowell and Stevenson colleges, Special Collections and Archives, University Library, UCSC.
From YouTube user MikeGoat: "Sometime in 1967, during my first year at UCSC, a young woman came hitchiking through UCSC in Santa Cruz California. She stayed in our dorm for one night and played her guitar, sang and laughed and then left. I never…
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