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1976 UCSC Documentary on Fine Arts



1976 UCSC Documentary on Fine Arts



A 45 minute UCSC Documentary documentary on fine arts performances and interviews from the year 1976. Dance, art, music, film, photography, and theatre are represented, particularly at Kresge and Porter (College V) Colleges. Produced by Denise Gallant and edited at NBC, LA the following year, where Denise worked in the News Department as an editor. The video synthesis seen in the documentary was the first video recordings of the Synopsis Video Synthesizer, engineered by Rob Schafer. The opening sequence video was triggered (edited in real time) by the sound of scissors cutting the posters, run through the Moog Synth in the Electronic Music Studio. This project was the result of a grant through UCSC, under the guidance of Gordon Mumma, Head of the Electronic Music Studio and later head of the UCSC Music Department. Denise Gallant was Kresge Town Hall Manager during 1976, and Rob Schafer worked for Aubrey Harris at the UCSC Communication Center. Rob Schafer is presently an engineer at CBS, NY and Denise resides in Santa Cruz and has the video company, Video 4, with her husband, Kevin Monahan, who was also involved with this project.


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