Case 9: Kenneth Patchen painted books

Special copies of Patchen’ published works with his original paintings on the covers.

The Famous boating party: and other poems in prose.
New York: New Directions; Parsippany, N.J.: printed by Blue Ridge Mountain Press, 1954.
MS160 Box 36.
Number 4 of an edition of 50.

In peaceable caves.
London: The Grey Walls Press, 1950.
MS160 Box 36

Highlands, N.C.: Jonathan Williams, 1958.
MS160 Box 36
Numbers 3 and 67 of an edition of 75.

Panels for the walls of heaven.
Berkeley, Calif.: Bern Porter, 1946.
MS160 Box 37
Numbers 82 and 83 of an edition of 150.

Red wine & yellow hair.
New York: New Directions, 1949.
MS160 Box 37
Numbers 1, 8 and 11 of an edition of 108, bound (largely) by hand. Number 11 was made for e.e. cummings: his signature totem animal, the elephant, is on the cover.

The dark kingdom.
New York: Harriss & Givens, 1942.
MS160 Box 38.
Number 9 of an edition of 75, inscribed “For Margaret in friendship Kenneth Sept’ 1942”