Case 5: Foolscap Press

An alphabet of metal initials from the type cases at Foolscap Press
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2011.
Z239 .F66 2011
Printed for the Codex Fair 2011.

Dialogue of the dogs, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra; translated by Harriet de Onís.
Santa Cruz: Foolscap, 2012.
Z239 .F66 2012b
Design, printing and binding by Lawrence G. Van Velzer & Peggy Gotthold. Bound in brown fabric resembling dog fur; covers recessed to create two dioramas about dogs; illustrations are 4 cutouts tipped in.
Library's copy is number 8 of an edition 90.

Despatches, from Michael Katakis.
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2008.
Z239 .F66 2008
Each set of three books contains ten photographs taken by the author and each book contains a map. The three books are issued in a "dispatch case" made of O'Malley Crackle handmade paper from Cave Paper.  Printed letterpress on Magnani Vergata paper and wrapped in Camel Hahnemühle Ingres paper covers.
Library's copy is number 17 of an edition of 185.

A dog's life in letters, words by Lawrence G. van Velzer; illustrations by Peggy Gotthold.
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2013.
Z239 .F66 2013c
Friends of Special Collections
Letterpress printed and bound at the Press. The linoleum blocks were cut by Peggy Gotthold and type and blocks printed by Lawrence G. Van Velzer.
Library's copy is number 42 of an edition of 200.

An extract from files in the National Archives & Records Administration, written by Army Lt. James (Jimmy) Preston who was Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower's golf caddie throughout the whole of World War II and released through the Freedom of Information Act of the United States and subsequently transferred to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas.
Berkeley, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2001.
Z239 .F66 2001
An April Fools' keepsake for 2001.

A foundational literature experience for a young person, presented by the American Gaming-Scholastic Electronic Library Association (AG-SELA).
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2010.
Z239 .F66 2010
An April Fool's keepsake for 2010.

Literary recipes or food thoughts from famous writers.
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2009.
Z239 .F66 2009
An April Fool's keepsake for 2009.

The Mayan calendar has been canceled due to a clerical error.
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2012.
Z239 .F66 2012c
“Please Proceed With Two Thousand Thirteen 2013. Thanks, Foolscap Press”
A holiday greeting card from the Foolscap Press.

Phisicke against fortune: as well prosperous as adverse, forty-six dialogues by Francesco Petrarca; translated by Thomas Twyne; illustrated by Hans Weiditz; introduction by Lewis W. Spitz; essay by William M. Ivins, Jr.
Berkeley and Santa Cruz: Foolscap Press, 1993.
Z239 .F66 1993
This edition brings together for the first time Thomas Twyne's translation of Phisicke against fortune and Hans Weiditz's woodcut illustrations made for the German edition of 1532 . Forty-six selected dialogues that represent the enduring wisdom of Petrarch and the impressive imagery of Weiditz.
Printed on Lana Royal using Poliphilus, Forum, and Bembo types, with Calligraph initials. The design, printing and binding were done at the press by Peggy Gotthold & Lawrence G. Van Velzer.
Library's copy is number 80 of an edition of 175.

Printer's Pye Puppet Theatre tickets
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2006.
Z239 .F66 2006b

The story of the fisherman, illustrated by Brian Bowes; translated by Edward William Lane from the Arabian Nights.
Santa Cruz, Calif.: Foolscap Press, 2015.
Z239 .F66 2015b
Friends of Special Collections
An accordion book with folded leaves sewn into seven of the folds. Text is letterpress printed. Images are letterpress printed with polymer plates, and colored with pochoir painting. The type is Legend designed in 1937 by F.H. Schneidler and the paper is Pearl White from Crane & Company. The accordion is attached at either end to illustrated paper over boards. Issued in a four-flap cloth covered box with a title label on the spine and magnetic closure.
Library’s copy is number 7 of an edition of 117.