Case 2: Poetry

The marriage of Heaven and Hell, William Blake.
Boissia, Clairvaux, Jura, France: Trianon Press, 1960.
PR4144.M3 1794a
Originally published in London, circa 1794.
The illuminated pages were reproduced in Paris by the Trianon Press in the workshops of Messrs. Hourdebaigt and Crampe by collotype and stencil process.
Library's copies are letter J and number 350 of an edition of 526.

The marriage of Heaven and Hell, by William Blake.
New York City: Granary Books, 1993.
Z239 .G735 1993
A reading and study with original drawings & paintings by Barbara Fahrner, typography and letterpress by Philip Gallo, and binding by D. Kelm. Printed on double leaves.
Library's copy is number 11 of an edition of 41.

In visible cities: an artist book, by Jean-Pierre Hébert.
Isla Vista, Calif.: Edition Reese, 2012.
Z239 .E358 2012
Friends of Special Collections
This book is inspired and structured by Invisible cities of Italo Calvino, as translated by William Weaver; the mesostics of John Cage; the galactic tides of Juri Toomre; the typography of Iliazd; and an original poetic concept by Jean-Pierre Hébert. Printed from Gill Sans Light composed by Michael and Winifred Bixler, arranged and printed letterpress by Sandra Liddell Reese and Harry Reese with drawings by Jean-Pierre Hébert.  Handmade paper cover and binding by Sandra Reese. Bound with double leaves.
Library's copy is number 35 of  an edition of 73.

Love in the time of war, Yusef Komunyakaa.
Middletown, Connecticut: Robin Price, Publisher, 2013.
PS3561.O455 L68 2013
Castle Humanities Fund
Yusef Komunyakaa began writing these poems in 2003, when the United States invaded Iraq.
The 25 poems are printed letterpress with silver ink in Adobe Jenson Pro from polymer plates. The sheets are individually painted, hand-dyed silk... Small pieces of Moriki paper and printed glassine are sewn inside the fore-edge-folded sheets. The aluminum covers are photochemically etched in a pattern based on camouflage fabric. Daniel E. Kelm co-designed the modified paper-case book structure using handmade Cave Paper, and he produced the binding at his Wide Awake Garage in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Design, coloration, and printing are by Robin Price with great assistance from and collaboration with Brittany De Nigris.
Library's copy is number 68 of an edition of 70.

Paradise lost: an allegory, by Philip Zimmerman.
Tucson, AZ:  Spaceheater Editions, 2013.
N7433.4.Z56 P37 2013
"My book was created under the guidelines for a show proposed by Barb Tetenbaum and Julie Chen using an aleatoric system of Barb Tetenbaum's devising. They (Chen and Tetenbaum) asked a number of artists to each create a book for a show in February 2013 at the Seager-Gray Gallery in Mill Valley CA called Ideation by Chance. The premise for the show proposed that each artist would have a series of cards drawn for them from a deck that Tetenbaum had devised. The cards showed categories of content and structure in book arts, and each artist had to create their book for the show using the results of the cards drawn for them."--Artist's statement.
Accordion structure. Digital printing with electrostatic toner on two kinds of French Paper Co. paper. Tyvek hinges dyed by the artist.
Library's copy is number 5 of an edition of 11.