Case 8: Is it a book?

An abecedary for our times, by Laurie Spitz and Amee J. Pollack.
New York: Laurie Spitz & Amee J. Pollack, 2013.
N7433.4.S66 A24 2013
"A magic cube opens and reconfigures into eight alphabet blocks whose illustrated surfaces shift, connect, and break away in this irreverent look at what children are learning today."--Artist's statement.
Library’s copy is number 6 of an edition of 12.

Bon bon mots: a fine assortment of books, designed, written and produced by Julie Chen.
Berkeley, Calif.: Flying Fish Press, 1998.
Z239 .F5 1998
Five miniature books issued in a container designed to resemble a candy box, with contents mounted on inside lid.
One of an edition of 100.

The family game: lose just by playing, by Emily Martin.
Iowa City, Iowa: Naughty Dog Press, 2003.
N7433.4.M377 F36 2003
"This archival inkjet printed book contains a colorful pop out presenting the playing board. A six-page pamphlet on Mohawk superfine paper with an attached cover of Emerald Canford paper."--Artist's website.
Single sewn-signature with outer leaves attached at fore-edges to paper cover. The folded pop-out is a lotus-fold type leaf attached at fore-edges to the 4th and 5th pages.
Library’s copy is number 14 of an edition of 100.

For you the traveller, by Nabil Sabio Azadi.
Brisbane, Australia: Nabil Sabio Azadi, 2013?
N7433.4.A97 F67 2013
Letterpress-style typography and hand-drawn maps on recycled paper. Hand-bound. Covered in recycled rabbit fur, plantation Tasmanian oak and steel bolts.
"A human guide to the world that will see you across the five continents ... a directory of kind people who will assist travellers passing through their region and bearing this guide ... inside this book you will find their names, stories, telephone numbers, and hand-drawn maps to help you get there"--artist's website.
One of an edition of 100.

Good eats: sit down, relax & enjoy: it's the cook's choice: selections from an appetizing array of well-seasoned moments and finely diced tales, by Carissa Carman and Gretchen Hooker.
Rosendale, N.Y.: Women's Studio Workshop, 2005.
N7433.4.C373 G665 2005
Carlos A. Sandoval Memorial Book Arts Endowment
“Through the sharing of imagery and personal accounts the functional recipe cards portray the intimate connection between food, place, comfort, and memory.”--artist’s website.
Library’s copy is number 45 of an edition of 80.

Ice cream man, by Michael A. Henninger.
Oakland, Calif.: Rat Art Press, 2009.
N7433.4.H455 I35 2009
Carlos A. Sandoval Memorial Book Arts Endowment
 An accordion-fold book, printed on one side. Letterpress printed. Shaped like a fudgesicle and attached to a wooden popsicle stick. Issued in simulated popsicle wrapper made of paper.
"To my son, whose first complex statement was: 'I hear something; it sounds like the Ice Cream Man'"--Colophon.
Library's copy is number 10 of an edition of 50.

Italo Calvino: invisible cities, by Vladimir.
Portland, Ore.: Vladimir, 2006.
N7433.4.V58 I83 2006
Vladmasters are designed, photographed and hand-assembled by Vladimir. One image 3-D viewer and four stereograph reels detailing the cities of Zirma, Valdrada, Argia, and Baucis.

Looking at make-up, by Marcia Weisbrot.
San Francisco, Calif.: Pencilhead Press, 2001.
Z239 .P42 2001
Accordion-fold strip of circular pages, printed on both sides, affixed inside of a lucite makeup compact with mirror and applicator sponge. Housed in a sequined pouch.
Library's copy is number 14 of an edition of 25.

R & J: the txt msg edition, by Elizabeth Pendergrass & John Hastings.
Everett, Wash.: J.R. Hastings, 2008.
N7433.4.P46 R2 2008
"The language in Shakespeare's plays has stood the test of time, but could it survive a translation into text messages by a modern teenager? I asked my 16-year-old granddaughter to rewrite the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet as if it had all happened between two teens text messaging on their cell phones."--Elizabeth Pendergrass.
Pages are accordion folded, printed on one side, and fitted into a red plastic cell phone cover. The title shows through the cover's window. Presented in a commercially produced cell phone pouch.
Library's copy is number 21 of a an unsigned numbered edition.