Case 10: New Acquisitions

Twentysix plants, by Susan Mills.
Rosendale, N.Y.: Women's Studio Workshop, 2013.
N7433.4.M558 T74 2013
Ruth Franklin Engel Horticultural Collection Endowment
"twentysix plants is literally 26 pages of paper handmade from 26 everyday plants grown or foraged at the Women's Studio Workshop ArtFarm. The names of the plants are digitally cut out from each page to make the text/image and the pages nest one into another, without glue, to make a paperback book. The book references Ed Ruscha's iconic road book Twentysix Gasoline Stations - a slim and elegant paperback. 'twentysix plants' is rough and chunky and celebrates standing in one place. Handmade paper, digitally cut, letterpress, non-adhesive linkstitch binding."--publisher’s website.
Library’s copy is number 40 of an edition of 50.

Poetry at the edge: five contemporary California poets, edited by Carolee Campbell.
San Francisco, Calif.: The Book Club of California, 2014.
Z239 .N56 2014
Poetry by Joe Stroud, Kay Ryan, Gary Young, Martha Ronk, Michael Hannon.
Designed and edited by Carolee Campbell at Ninja Press.  Letterpress printed by Norman Clayton at Classic Letterpress in Ojai, Calif.  Photographs by Carolee Campbell.
Library’s copy is number 75 of an edition of 300.

Scientific theories once widely believed, since proven wrong.
Rosendale, NY: Women's Studio Workshop, 2013.
N7433.4.B96 S34 2013
T.J.J. and Frances Graves See Endowment in History of Science
“This book features 10 images interpreting occasions when truth took a circuitous route. From Einstein’s Cosmological Constant, to Alchemy, to Geocentrism, and seven others, the screen prints are inspired by medieval illuminations and Mughal miniatures to encapsulate moments from the history of science using various narrative strategies. The book inverts the relationship between word and image, with written descriptions of each scientific theory accessible behind a gate-fold, enabling the images to take precedence. Silkscreen and digitally printed, bound in hard covers.”--publisher’s website.
Library's copy is number 40 of an edition of 60.

Hypnopomps, graphics, printing, typesetting and binding by Maria Rehli.
Halle an der Saale, Germany: Maria Rehli, 2014.
N7433.4.R443 H9 2014
Abstract woodblock prints and lino etchings illustrating the state of consciousness leading into and out of sleep. A quotation about sleep from Christian Friedrich Hebbel is printed at the center fold. Created as a project in the Buchkunst class of Burg Giebichenstein--Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle.
Library's copy is number 5 of an edition of 6.

Poems by hand, by Kay Ryan.
Fairfax, Calif.: Jungle Garden Press, 2015.
Z239.J86 2015
William Everson Endowment for Poetry and Fine Printing
"Seven poems written out by hand. Designed and letterpress printed by Marie C. Dern with plates made by Richard Seibert and handset Garamond type on handmade paper from Twin Rocker in a box made by John DeMerritt with silkscreen prints by Martha Shaw from Jungle Garden Press, 2015"--Colophon.
Library's copy is number 7 of an edition of 15.