UCLA Political Science Faculty, 1947-48

Dean McHenry with UCLA Political Science Faculty, 1947-48. Dean McHenry is in the back row, fifth from the right

1936-1937     Instructor in Political Science, Williams College

1937-1939     Assistant Professor of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University

1939-1945     Assistant Professor, Political Science University of California, Los Angeles

1945-1950     Associate Professor, Political Science, UCLA

1947-1950     Dean, Division of Social Sciences, UCLA

1950-1952     Chairman, Political Science Department, UCLA

1950-1963     Professor of Political Science, UCLA


A 1991 oral history with Dean McHenry covering Dean McHenry's UCLA years was conducted by the UCLA Oral History Program and may be read at the UCLA Library. This oral history was part of the UCLA Student Leaders series.