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A commerative slideshow to celebrate 50 years of innovative and original thinking at UC Santa Cruz

Notes: Inventory note: "Neg from Students? - People, campus buildings for yearbook (missing 400-I, 400-A0)"

Related resources: Spec Coll LCD10684. Note: The topic of the inaugural symposium was liberal education for the 21st century.
Did you know you checked out 275,083 books and bound journals last year or that you watched 16,482 videos? See what else you didn't know about the UCSC Library.
The Long Family and the Joseph and Vera Long Foundation receive the 2014 Fiat Lux Award for their distinguished volunteer leadership and outstanding generosity to UC Santa Cruz since the founding of the campus.
From a album belonging to barnstormer/daredevil Carter Buton. Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive
Penn Libraries call number: LJS 381 All images from this item Penn in Hand catalog record and facsimile
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures graduate student Sara Brumfield recounts her experience working at the UCLA Library's Center for Primary Research and Training, where she described and translated two collections of cuneiform tablets: the Edward A.…
From YouTube user MikeGoat: "Sometime in 1967, during my first year at UCSC, a young woman came hitchiking through UCSC in Santa Cruz California. She stayed in our dorm for one night and played her guitar, sang and laughed and then left. I never…

McHenryLD781.S5171966.M35197237McHenry Farm.jpg
The McHenry Farm, Lompoc, California, 1912. Standing in front of the house in which Chancellor McHenry was born are, from left to right, his sister, Eunice Virginia; his brother Roy; his mother; the photographer’s wife, Mrs. Charles Bachelor; and…

McHenryLD781.S5171966.M35197237Milking Cow.jpg
Standing clockwise around the cow are Roy; Dean E. in the arms of his mother, Virginia Hilton McHenry; Mrs. Charles Bachelor holding a dog named Busy; and Eurnice Virginia. Seated in the foreground is Chancellor McHenry’s father, William Thomas…
When Upton Sinclair, famous author and lifetime Socialist, won the Democratic primary for governor of California in 1934 in a landslide--leading the greatest mass movement in the state's history--all hell broke loose there and across the country. To…
I designed this directory for the library's entry. The printed sheets are mounted on "gatorboard" and laminated. The far-left panel lists collections, services and offices by floor. The larger center panel features floor plans for each…

Depiction of color pans in a historiated initial beginning the entry for color in a 14th century encyclopedia

The cover is wrapped in a midnight blue leather. There are also wooden strips on the front and on the back. The front cover has 8 wooden pieces with 4 wooden strips on the bottom layer and then 4 layed over the top. Alternatively there are 9 wooden…
A short, fun, educational, animation about the use of medicine plants through the ages.

Produced and written by medical herbalist Julia Behrens, direction and animation by Tim Sanpher, voices by John Falcini and Julia Behrens.

Funded by the…
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