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Digital Exhibits

CART 2017 Digital Exhibits

This year, the Center for Archival Research and Training (CART) fellows processed four collections from the University Archives: the Raymond F. Dasmann papers, the Shakespeare Santa Cruz records, the records of the Feminist Studies Department at UCSC, and the UCSC Women of Color Research Cluster records. While we were organizing these records and making them available for research, questions about institutional engagement began to emerge: 

What makes a "public" university? Whom does a public university serve?

In exploring these questions, we considered the influence of these archives across three spheres of public dialogue: the university community, the city of Santa Cruz and state of California, and across the globe. In influencing these communities, the university also transformed itself.

This exhibit highlights the contributions these people and organizations made to the university and beyond, and shows ways in which they innovated in their own communities of practice, engaging UCSC students, faculty, and staff along the way.

Click on the links below to enter the digital exhibit for each archival collection.

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Ray Dasmann Women of Color Research Cluster Shakespeare Santa Cruz


Curated by Alina Ivette Fernandez, Megan Martenyi, LuLing Osofsky, Alex Ullman, and Maggie Wander. Special thanks to: the Center for Archival Research and Training Archivist Alix Norton, Elisabeth Remak-Honnef, and the rest of the Special Collections and Archives Staff; Rachel Deblinger and the Digital Scholarship Commons; and the Digital Initiatives Staff, especially Jess Spencer Waggoner and Sue Perry.