In 1967, the student newspaper of the new campus adopts the name City on a Hill Press, a name that reflects UC Santa Cruz’s “noble experiment.”

University leaders and campus visionaries reflect on the educational experiment and natural beauty that defined UC Santa Cruz.

"We shouldn’t be embarrassed that we have beautiful redwoods, we have beautiful vistas of the ocean. I had friends at the University of Chicago. And they said, “God this is not the real world!” And at first I was a little touchy about that, defensive. And then I thought, wait a minute. Maybe the real world should be like this, where the colleges are small communities, trying to develop a sense of community. Why can’t it be beautiful? Why does everything have to be tragedy and garbaged up? And so maybe this is an ideal, maybe it is a city on a hill."

- from Leo Laporte, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, oral history

"I mean you're up on the hill, and there's one movie theater playing in town, and there's just not that much to do. At all. I mean there's no San Francisco or Los Angeles at the base of the hill, and I suppose I never realized what a city person I was till I came here. I'd always criticized Los Angeles...The smog, the traffic, isn't it terrible, you know. I want a rustic retreat type of place. But Santa Cruz has shown me that it's hard, and I think this is one of the main criticisms the kids have.... isolation."

- from Anonymous student oral history, 1967