WOCas at the Beach!

In their own words, "The University of California, Santa Cruz Research Cluster for the Study of Women of Color in Conflict and Collaboration researches, writes, and shares ideas concerning the conditions of women of color in the U.S. and the 'Third World.' Departing from critical perspectives surrounding the category 'women of color,' the cluster's mission involves the study of the complexities of multiple, dispersed, and conflicting identities."

Its significant contributions include supporting the History of Consciousness Department's appointment of Dr. Angela Y. Davis, developing and teaching two courses: (in collaboration with faculty from multiple departments) Women of Color and Visual Culture and Women of Color: Gender and Sexualities, hosting workshops and events on personal and professional development, and creating a supportive social community for Women of Color. One of the cluster's most successful and celebrated events was the Women of Color Film Festival.

The Women of Color Film Festival worked to combat inherent racisms in the film industry by providing Women of Color filmmakers a venue to share their work.  The festival would draw large crowds eager to discuss the films and the issues they raised, such as, global women's rights issues. This digital exhibit showcases some of the materials used to promote the festival and highlights the cluster’s consistent engagement with Women of Color feminisms and non-mainstream perspectives.  To learn more about the Women of Color Cluster, please see “Celebrating Innovation and Public Engagement at UC Santa Cruz,” a physical exhibit located on the third floor of McHenry Library at UCSC, on view until October 2017.